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Signtronic does Waterjet Cutting

What is Waterjet Cutting?

A Waterjet is an industrial tool capable of cutting a wide range of material by using a very high pressure jet of water, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance such as sand. 

What materials can the Waterjet cut?

The main materials include acrylic, copper, brass, aluminium, steel, mild steel, 304 stainless steel, glass, stone, marble, laminated materials etc. One of the few materials that the waterjet cannot cut is tempered glass.

Advantages of waterjet cutting:

  • Cuts almost any material
  • Less heat – The water cutters does not overheat the areas adjacent to the cutting space, therefore these pieces stay intact and uncompromised.
  • Accurate cutting – Waterjet cutting is capable of achieving a 0.13mm accuracy and very intricate cuts or 3D shapes.

Disadvantages of waterjet cutting:

  • Cutting Time
  • Thick equals less accuracy – the thicker the material the further the stream is away from the nozzle at its point of impact. A less consistent impact from the waterjet changes the cutting accuracy from top to bottom.

For more information on waterjet cutting, simply drop us an email on or call us on 02 9748 7100 and speak to our friendly staff.